Petit Johann

Johann Petit (Dr)

Ingénieur d’Etudes - Equipe FDFE


  • Date de naissance : 27 05 1975
  • Diplômes :
    Doctorat Biologie du Végétal (2013)
    Master 2 Biologie et Biotechnologies des Plantes (2010)
    Diplôme d’Assistant Ingénieur en biotechnologies végétales (1998)
    Licence Pro Biologie Moléculaire & Culture cellulaire (1997)
    BTS Biotechnologies (1996)
  • Parcours :
    INRAE UMR1332 Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie Bordeaux,
    INRA URGV Evry


tel : 05 57 12 25 45

Email :


UMR 1332 BFP, Equipe FDFE


 Since 2009, I have been involved in a project to better understand the development and properties of the cuticle, the outer skin of tissues, in fruit development. The selection of tomato mutants affected at the cuticle level has allowed us to identify a number of key genes. Since then, I have been trying to better understand the regulation of the cuticle biosynthetic pathway and, with the help of partners, to determine its fine structure, which is crucial for many agronomic properties.

Today, I am involved in the study of the strawberry model, with projects concerning the quality of the fruit but also the balance between sexual and asexual reproduction, a major issue for the producers.



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